Factory Layouts

The opportunity for factory layouts (lean)

Significant cost reduction can be achieved through the consolidation of multi site activities into one new site layout or though enhanced product flow through existing facilities.

A Factory Layout determines the way in which materials and other inputs like people and information flow through the operation and this influences costs and the effectiveness of the manufacturing operation. Getting it wrong can lead to inefficiency, inflexibility, large volumes of inventory and work in progress, high costs, long lead times and unhappy customers.

CIF offer of factory layouts (lean)

The CIF will help and support your team to understand the logical movement of people, materials and product through a factory which is essential when developing an efficient plant layout i.e. Factory layout. Typically, a layout would fall into the categories of job shop layout, cell layout and product layout.

The conclusion of our factory layout activity is a strategic project management plan including a high quality set of CAD drawings, project gantt chart coupled with contractor co-ordination and onsite support.

For more information on factory layouts (lean) please contact Colin Copeland - colin@ciflean.co.uk