A quick Lean Assessment

This assessment is designed to help you identify opportunities for improvement. Review the questions. Only answer YES if the statement applies across the whole business, not just in isolated pockets.


Does the business have a live business plan with active planning "top-down and bottom up"?
Are business targets clearly stated and aligned to the business plan?
Are departmental targets clearly stated and aligned to the business plan?
Is the business plan clearly communicated throughout the business using notice boards or team briefs on a regular basis?
Are the organisational goals and objectives of the business communicated to all levels in the company at least twice per year?
Is there a formal structure of meeting to review progress against targets?
Do you know who your top ten customers are?
Do you know your top ten products (by contribution)?
Do you have a clearly communicated strategy for continuous improvement, led by a champion and with all the necessary resource in place to support the process?


Do you have a company-wide skills matrix?
Do you have training plans aligned to the skills matrix?
Are all training outcomes assessed and verified?
Do you cross-train your staff where appropriate?
Do you have a robust recruitment process for internal and external appointments / recruitments?
Do you drive improvements using cross-functional teams trained in the use of CI tools?
Do all your staff have job descriptions?
Do you appraise your staff against targets?

Reduce Costs

Look at each measure. Is it reported at top level for the whole business and has it improved over the last 12 months?

Not Right First Time
People Productivity
Stock turns
Delivery Schedule Achievement
Value added per person
Floor space utilisation

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